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Water tank replacement

Does the water storage tank in your attic look similar to this?

If your water storage tank/tanks in your attic look similar to this one above, well chances are you are in need of a replacement storage tank.

After many years of hard work and service supplying your home with bathing water, showering water etc......... It is time for a replacement. Galvanized water tanks rust and corrode unlike the newer designed tanks which are made from UPVC. And after many years of service galvanized tanks form pin holes, gradually getting larger and larger, thus forming leaks and in worst cases they can burst and cause a massive flood and severe water damage,(which we have seen).

Did you know?

Did you know that in the case of an emergency if you have a galvanized tank and it does burst, that your HOME insurance will NOT cover you for damage etc. In the small print of all home insurance policies it states that you are not covered in the event of an emergency and that all water tanks should be of the plastic type.  So that's why we are here to help!

Special offer:

​Have your Water storage tank replaced by K.O'Brien Heating & Plumbing from as little as......                         €520.00 inc Vat   Single 60 gallon tank
Or if your water demand is higher than the average household and need two tanks from........                         €650.00 inc Vat  Double 120 gallon tanks

​Contact us today with your requirements and grab a bargain, we are always here to help.