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Heating Service

Here at K. O'Brien Heating & Plumbing we specialize in all aspects of Central Heating

Our Services include:  

Boiler upgrades, Boiler change overs, Fuel change overs from Oil to Gas, New Gas connections, Thermostats, High efficiency  Radiators, Pipework, Underfloor Heating, Manifolds, New installations, Upgrades, Time control, Hot water storage, Pressurized cylinders etc, system link manifolds, Heat Pumps installations.

The list is endless so if you have a query please do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements and we can arrange a free consultation.

For best energy saving measures and to save our customers money, we specialize in Central Heating  system zoning.  System zoning gives the user independent control of their Hot water or Radiators by means of a digital timer and thermostats.
This is one of the most energy efficient measures your home can have regarding saving money on fuels bills in the long run for more information contact us and we will gladly inform you on all the advantages this system has to offer.

For Larger properties, we can accommodate by using a System link Manifold suitably located, which can be separated from as many as two zones up to eight zones. Each zone has its own independent high efficiency pump ensuring adequate pressure and flow to each zone.
Each pump is controlled by a channel from a digital time clock and a thermostat. This particular system can be used also on commercial installations.

We are registered with sustainable energy Ireland and are registered contractors under the Better Energy Homes scheme
There is grants available for the installation of New high efficiency boiler and heating controls to the value of €750.00.
The customer can apply online for a grant if the house was built before 2006. 

Contact us for more information 

Experienced registered Gas installer here to take care of all your Gas related issues
  • New boiler installation from   €2250.00 inc Vat
  • Boiler servicing  €79.00 inc Vat
  • Heating control upgrades from  €400.00 inc Vat
  • Hot water Cylinder replacement from  €550.00 inc Vat
  • Digital time clock replacement from  €199.00 inc Vat
  • APT Immersion time clock   €140.00 inc Vat

This is just a small range of gas services provided by K. O'Brien Heating & Plumbing  so why not give us a call today for that job you have in mind.

Useful Information:

It is important that you service your gas boiler and other gas appliances annually in order to ensure 
 your gas appliance is safe to use. 

It also helps keep your monthly gas bills down and your boiler operating at its optimum efficiency level.
This will help prevent against costly breakdowns and in the
 long run will extend the life of your gas boiler and put money back in your pocket. When you have your boiler serviced make sure to get a copy of the flue gas analysis and keep it safe until the next service is due, the next engineer in turn will be able to compare performance with the latest service analysis and make any adjustments as required.  

All gas work is carried out in accordance with IS 813 (Domestic Gas installation Standards).

Heating controls explanation:

Heating controls consist of the following, which can be considered as zones or zone control. The independent control over certain areas or upstairs, downstairs, hot water circuits. Most systems can be upgraded to fully integrated heating controls with minor pipe work modifications. Control packs consist of: Digital programmer, room thermostat, cylinder thermostat, motorized valves and wiring center. 

This is a quick rundown on how they actually work.  Programmer calls for heat then sends a signal to the Room thermostat which senses that it is below the desired temperature on the thermostat which sends a signal to the Motorized valve telling the valve to open that a heating call is required. Motorized valve sends a signal back to the Gas or Oil boiler to activate and start heating until the thermostat reaches temperature.

Fully integrated heating controls could save between 20-30% annually on your fuel bills

Google Nest Certified installer

We are proud to announce that from November 2015, we are Certified google nest installers.

We can install your google nest learning thermostat to work as a room thermostat and to control hot water

All these systems are connected through Wifi and can speak to one another. They can be controlled by an App fro the android store or App store, By laptop or by the nest unit itself. This is a must have, saving €€€ on your fuel bills.

For More information visit:         https://nest.com/ie/